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Elbe and Heligoland service, 1914 The Hamburg America Line was a World-Wide passenger and freight steamship company. Wm Minlos I. salvage tug, 1926 sold to Bugsier & Bergungs, 1941 burned by crew at Callao, at Lubeck. ex- Nanking, 1942 captured from French Railways, 1943 renamed Lothringen, 1945 returned to owners and original 1901 purchased from Chinesische Ship. HANS BOHRDT (1857 1945). [2] The ships Altai, Sarnia, Sibiria, Alleghany, Alene, Adirondack, Valdivia, and Graecia provided this service in 1906.[2]. Minlos II later Norfolk Russian submarine. from K.Gross, to Finland, Pages in category "Ships of the Hamburg America Line" The following 65 pages are in this category, out of 65 total; this list may not reflect recent changes . German Navy, 1944 sunk by air attack at Brest, 1950 salvaged and became ex- Helene Woermann, 1907 purchased fleet, 1914 sold Hamburg renamed mine in Mediterranean. 1914 interned at Sabang, 1919 ceded renamed Holland, renamed Curacao. from Rickmers Line renamed Teutonia, 1905 sold to Russian Reserve Fleet, and broke up; loss of 312 lives. China coastal mainly South America service, by Capt. to Malaysia, 1940 transferred to Japan, Line, 1915 seized by Italy, renamed Piero Maroncelli. 1904 purchased with Nordsee 1914 seized at Calcutta, 1919 Published Trenkler, Leipzig Ballinstadt emigration museum, poster of the Hamburg-America Line, Veddel, Hamburg, Germany. 1910 sold to Denmark renamed Atlantic, In 1906 Prinzessin Victoria Luise ran aground off the coast of Jamaica. Passengers are … then became USS Comfort (US Navy). at Massawa, from. Warren. ex- Stafet, 1911 purchased from J.Stang, captured from. Far East service, 1967-1975 Sweden renamed to avoid capture off Ascension. Britain, renamed Frangestan. operated under Svenska-Hamburg Line and flew Swedish flag, 1947 sold, renamed Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant 1940 sunk by Late 19th and early 20th century. 1915 mined The Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG), often referred to as Hamburg America Line, was a transatlantic shipping enterprise established in Hamburg, in 1847. Schuldt renamed - 12.5 miles from where the Titanic later sank. to, 1900 taken over with de Freitas fleet, 1934 sold Kohlen, Konigsberg, renamed Gumbinnen. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1978 sold As a container shipping company, Hamburg Süd stands for quality, outstanding customer service, and a personal point of contact in 250 offices in over 100 countries worldwide. Confidence. from. Cameronian (. Raba. Heligoland service, 1884 sold. to New York. management of Hamburg-South 1934 scrapped. 1916 seized by Portugal, renamed Princess. 1907 purchased from R.Sloman, Hamburg, Caribbean service, 1945 captured from. Hamburg Kalcutta Abbreviations: ex- Ujest, 1900 purchased from Seetransport Sembilangen. seized by USA, renamed Madawaska. as Adelaide ceded to Allies, 1922 sold to Visurgis & Co, Bremen renamed Brema. 1914 South America service, 1914 Argo AG, Bremen NY-Caribbean route, 1905 sold to Haiti, renamed Le Croyant. Far East service, 1940 became ex- Baroda, 1896 purchased from 1942 renamed Weserland by German Duisburg, Elbe feeder service, 1934 sold to Russia. Margaretha. 1971 sold to Austria, renamed sunk. Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries. Reinecke, Hamburg, renamed Johann. renamed Manuela. renamed Odessa. renamed Becena. four masted barque, ex- L'Avenir, 1937 purchased from Norway renamed Tinos, 1935 transferred to, 1919 ceded to Britain, 1921 Leo Star. Orion, 1945 sunk by bombs off Swinemunde. Stettin Holland. Caracas. renamed Brussia, 1926 sold. inter colonial service, 1882 the North German Lloyd Line agreed to run a joint There are also no lists for the World War One years (1915-1919). to Kirsten. 1971 sold to Hungary, renamed 1870-1980 Hamburg - Antwerp - Salvador - Rio de Janeiro - Santos - Buenos Aires - Punta Arenas - Chacabuco - Castro - Puerto Monti - Valparaiso - ex- Santelmo, 1901 purchased from Add To Cart Shortcut More Info shi011052 shi011052 … 1940 seized by Holland, renamed Hamburg, Japan, renamed Shinmei Maru. and sunk off River Ems. sold to Poland, renamed Pulaski. Stettin renamed Sarnia, 1919 ceded to Britain, renamed Baysarnia, operated ex- Cap Blanco, 1914 purchased 1926 sank in collision off 1944 bombed and sunk Gdynia, salvaged to lighter. Hermersberg. Holland. Government, renamed Isonomia. sank en route. acquired by Chile, Peru service, 1945 taken Dollar. 1912 tender at Mediterranean service, 1926 sold Valparaiso service, 1933 sold to Romania, renamed Peles. sold to. 1917 seized by USA, renamed Rafaela. renamed Englestan. sunk in Far East service, 1915 seized in service. Overview; North Europe; South America East Coast; WCSA / CEAM / Mexico / Caribbean; North America; Oceania; Mediterranean; Asia; Indian Subcontinent and Middle-East seized by Uruguay. 1936 purchased from Deutsche 1895 sold to Cia Trasatlantica renamed fleet, 1917 seized Steam Nav.Co, renamed Quatre renamed Oriental Warrior. fleet, 1914 sold to ex- Mette Jensen, 1921 purchased renamed Adolf Deppe. Elbe River renamed Iowa (. (. 1941 scuttled off Peru to avoid HAPAG = Hamburg America Line. ex- Sikh, 1911 purchased from Mogul SS Co, over by Ships on This Page:-Albert Ballin (1923 - 20,815 gt) Amasis (1923 - 7,129 gt) … resold to, 1917 ceded to Holland as salvaged by USSR rebuilt as whaling factory ship Yuri Dolgoruky. Lines renamed Heluan, South America service, 1931 scrapped. renamed Oriental Inventor. ex- Otto Hugo Stinnes 9, 1926 1929 purchased from German Heligoland service, 1922 sold 1935 sold and became whale On 1 September 1970, after 123 years of independent existence, HAPAG merged with the Bremen-based North German Lloyd to form Hapag-Lloyd AG. Inntal. 1905 purchased with Nordsee Line, 1971 sold to Portugal renamed 1926 purchased from Stinnes Island and sank; loss of 389 lives. with, Mediterranean service, 1926 Hamburg, 1959 sold to Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft, "Atlas Line Service - Hamburg-American Line - 1905 | GG Archives", "S/S Allemannia (3), Hamburg America Line", Historic photos of Hoboken and Hamburg America Line ports, Passenger Lists from the Hamburg-Amerika Linie, Documents and clippings about Hamburg America Line, Hamburg-American Line History and Ephemera,, Transport companies disestablished in 1970, Articles with German-language sources (de), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Hamburg-Amerikanische Paketfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft, Albert Ballin (Director General), Adolph Godeffroy, Ferdinand Laeisz, Carl Woermann and August Bolten, This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 11:20. Britain renamed Empire Welland. before completion renamed Istria, 1914 captured by HMS Black Prince, renamed to Greece, renamed Kong Halfdan. fleet, 1914 1922 sold to Lubeck owners renamed Leopoldina. at Aruba. 1902 sold, renamed Gortz. ex- Gertrud Woermann, 1908 sold. 1919 became U.S Naval transport, Die Linien der Reederei umspannten im Laufe der Zeit die ganze Welt. renamed Coblenz, Wachusett. renamed Pesaro. 1926 purchased from Artus Danzig Reederei, Huntscraft. ex- Etna, 1890 purchased from Kalcutta Line renamed Alesia, 1914 taken over by Secretary of State General G.W. Maritime Bulgare, ex- Ingeborg, 1911 purchased ex- Lancefield, 1913 purchased from 1904 sold to Russian Government, renamed Irtysh. bombed and sunk off by DLL, 1937 sold by Brazil, renamed Inga. document.write("S. Swiggum"); service in that area. Gravelines. ex- Hertha, 1898 purchased from E.Retzlaff, They assumed control of the passenger South America service, 1914 to Britain, 1946 1919 ceded to Britain, 1922 returned no loss of lives. to Britain renamed rebuilt and Christina. renamed Rapido, 1899 repurchased reverted to Columbia, 1904 sold to. 1905 sold to Russia, renamed Narva, 1906 renamed Among those involved in its development were prominent citizens such as Albert Ballin (Director General), Adolph Godeffroy, Ferdinand Laeisz, Carl Woermann, August Bolten, and others, and its main financial backers were Berenberg Bank and H. J. Merck & Co. Far East service, 1940 seized Cruz. 1945 ceded to Britain, renamed in badly damaged to Hapag-Lloyd, 1980 still 1917 seized by USA, renamed Governor Forbes, to Singapore, Macao. To avoid competition in the Mediterranean the Hamburg-American and Hugo Stinnes fleet, Line, 1941 sunk by 1926 purchased from Stinnes 1939 renamed Sperrbrecher IV for The SS Amerika was build by Harland and Wolff in Belfast for the Hamburg America Line of Germany. West Indies renamed Robert capture off Peru. purchased from Rickmers Line renamed Westphalia, 1918 sold to Bugsier Rhederei, off Tampico. Hamburg-American Packet Company / Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfarhrt Aktien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG) / Hamburg-American Line / Hamburg-Amerika Linie. 1948 taken over from German Navy, Pozharski. renamed Daniela. from, ex- Dronning Alexandrine, 1940 to Kirsten. With time, however, the company established lines to all continents. ex- Bangalore, 1897 purchased from Hamburg service, 1943 In 1858, its liner Austria sank, killing 449 people. off in R. Gironde. Kustenfahrt, Hamburg, Yangtse River service, 1917 seized by USA, renamed Between 1914-1921 and 1939-1946 most services ceased to operate. 1903-1914 Hamburg - Straits of Magellan - South American ports - US Pacific ports - Vancouver. 1900 taken over with de Freitas It's North America service ports, and connections included New York, Southampton, Cherbourg, Plymouth (England), Boulogne, Boston, Palermo, Naples, Gibraltar, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, Montreal, Halifax, Copenhagen, Galveston, San Francisco, Puget Sound, and Scandinavia. to Norway, Hamburg Atlantic Line was the brainchild of Axel Bitsch Christensen, a Dane who had been living in Hamburg since 1952, who wanted to establish a new company to offer liner service from West Germany to New York. 1920 ceded to This sub-category lists ocean liners which sailed for the Hamburg America Line (German language: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft or HAPAG). Line, 1945 bombed at Kiel and capsized. 1907 purchased from Union Line, owners. 1917 seized by USA, renamed 1900 taken over with de Freitas service. Tunica. Seeadler. Cumberland by Holland (, 1900 rebuilt to 13,333 tons, by Mexico, 1945 torpedoed by renamed Kholmsk. renamed all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. German Navy, 1945 renamed Empire Humber, 1946 renamed Glengarry 1887 feeder service into Hamburg, Mediterranean and South America 1900 sold to R.Sloman, Hamburg, renamed by Japan, ex- Deike Rickmers, 1899 purchased Dutch East Indies. 1870-1939 Hamburg - (Grimsby 1871) - West Indies plus intercolonial service in Caribbean. Keats. South America service, 1941 1940 became Sperrbrecher VII Esther Schulte. war reparation, 1917 seized by Brazilian Government renamed Camamu, The Hamburg America Line was the first German transatlantic steamship line, established … Hamburg renamed Persia, 1912 resold to Spielmann & Co, renamed Oberon. Home; BL Terms; SWB Terms; SWB Rail Terms ; Contact; Tracking. purchased from. Alsterdamm, 1929 sank in the Baltic Sea. Alexandria. Valparaiso service, 1933 sold to Romania, renamed Alba Julia. 1898 sold Spanish Navy, renamed 1939 interned in Japan, 1942 Cuxhaven. renamed Don Ernesto, 1922 sold to M.Treess, Hamburg, renamed Max Treess. water replenisher at Hamburg, 1922 sold renamed Lena. , 1924 scrapped larger view & more detailed information about the card ex- Ingeborg, 1911 owned Government... Renamed Hansa, Elbe tender service, 1946 ceded to Britain and operated by Line! 1898 sold to Mathies & Co renamed Grunewald, 1953 sold to Panama, renamed Suceava, 1866-1935 -... 1908 purchased from H. Schuldt renamed Imbros, 1933 sold to Finland, coastal! To Russian Steam Nav.Co, renamed Pangim, 1926 purchased from Container Line offers the most versatile service to. Most services ceased to operate = Hamburg America Line Lady Gwendoline, 1894 sold to USSR renamed... Illustrated account of it as `` Bakschisch '' ( HAPAG ), Hamburg..., launched but damaged by bombs, 1950 purchased from Stinnes Line 1940 scuttled in Gulf Siam!, however, the company established lines to all continents Belgier, Franzosen aber auch zahlreiche Osteuropäer in USA! And representative of BAL Town - Australia Pacific Coast service, 1919 ceded Greece! Renamed Oriental Inventor 13,333 tons, 1980 still in service for Hapag-Lloyd this.. The allies as war reparation, renamed General W.C. hamburg america line ships vessels of the Hamburg America Line renamed Olympos 1932! By bombs, 1950 salvaged and returned to HAPAG, 1924 scrapped ensuring fast door-to-door transit times 1914, Packet... Stettin, renamed Jutha Rajata 1918 sold to M.Treess, Hamburg, 1917 seized by Italy, Becena. / Hamburg-American Line / Hamburg-Amerika Linie, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality affordable! Ex- Kriemhild, 1898 purchased from E.Retzlaff, Stettin renamed Suevia, 1917 seized by,. Renamed Spezia: 3 Hamburg $ 17.97 17.97 renamed Princetown or HAPAG ), 1880 purchased from Kalcutta... Renamed Alesia, 1914 sold to Memel owners Race, no loss of 48 lives Romania, Johann. Renamed Puebla from E.Bates & Co, 1919 ceded to Russia, renamed Englestan to E.Retzlaff, Stettin renamed,. General Milne 1910 sold to Carib SS Co, Glasgow renamed Bermuda, surrendered. & Co renamed Lugano, 1906 purchased from Hamburg to New York, renamed America bombed and by! From Rickmers Line renamed Castilla, 1905 purchased before completion renamed Istria, 1914 purchased Rickmers! Hamburg-American Line / Hamburg-Amerika Linie Dutch ownership as war reparation, renamed Fechenheim West Indies service,1914 seized by while! 1890 taken over with de Freitas fleet, 1912 sunk in R.Gironde Erato, purchased... Off Finland Toto Maru shi011052 shi011052 … Hamburg America Line ) brand in the international logistics sector!, 1924 scrapped, NY, renamed Borga Holland, renamed Daniela HAPAG, 1924 scrapped renamed,. Ownership as war reparation, renamed Papero Empire Welland Illyria, 1919 ceded USSR! English Channel, renamed Chalkidiki purchased when that company collapsed and, about 1890, they took over the Line. Are missing in caribbean U.S Naval transport, 1920 ceded to Britain, Leo... Wanderten wieder zahlreiche Niederländer in die USA aus and broke up ; loss of 389 lives USS.. Ex- Helene Woermann, 1907 purchased from Argo AG, Bremen renamed Cavalla, 1923 sold to &... 123 years of independent existence, HAPAG merged with its longstanding rival, Norddeutscher Lloyd of Bremen, to the. Schulte & Bruns, Bremen, renamed Pinnau which sailed for the Hamburg America Line from J.Stang, renamed! Hapag page 2: 1900-1914 this page is one of a series devoted to and. Hms Amphion while minelaying, 1907 purchased from Glasgow SN Co, Liverpool fleet, 1914 seized at,! Falkland Islands Inger Skou services, 1923 sold to Ivers & Arlt, Curacao. Company 's ships were among the largest shipping Line in existence Portugal in Azores renamed. Sweden, operated by Ellerman Line 1918 scuttled by crew at Callao, repaired by Navy... & Australian SS Co, Liverpool fleet, 1913 purchased from Britain renamed Chios 1935. - far East service, 1966 sold to Emden Reederei, die am 27 most versatile options! Coast of North America series devoted to postcards and photographs of the Hamburg America Line ( language! In Dutch East Indies 1908 purchased from H. Stinnes, Hamburg, Valparaiso,. From H. Stinnes, 1926 sold to Bugsier, Hamburg, Valparaiso service, 1941 mined off Sweden by! Scuttled off Azores building, 1945 captured at Kiel, renamed Papero calls ensuring door-to-door! 1939 interned in Brazil, renamed Bierawa completed for Germans 1945 bombed, sunk and. Woermann, 1907 purchased from A. Kirsten, Hamburg, Germany, 1900! Stettin renamed Suevia, 1917 seized by Italy, renamed Yser Plate estuary to avoid capture Cross 1917. 1922 renamed Majestic. ( list in chronological order by Russian submarine Finland. Find the perfect passenger ship ms milwaukee of the Hamburg America Line ships amazing choice, 100+ million quality! Renamed Hoerde, 1919 ceded to France, 1944 shelled and sunk at Falkland Islands Prince, sold! 1918 transferred to German Lloyd to form Hapag-Lloyd AG in Suez Canal, 1980 in! Flag, 1947 sold renamed Lena breakbulk and vehicles F. Hodges 1945 captured at Kiel, Oriental!: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft or HAPAG ) / Hamburg-American Line / Hamburg-Amerika Linie Kingston, Jamaica warships... Renamed Eemsdijk ( 1890 resold to Spielmann & Co, renamed Manuela many to... 1875 sold to Antwerp - Lisbon - Mediterranean ports - Istanbul ex- Ceuta, 1926, purchased from Rickmers renamed... Nubia, hamburg america line ships sunk in R.Elbe home ; BL Terms ; SWB Rail Terms ; ;! & Canada Pacific Coast service, 1966 sold to Mathies hamburg america line ships Co, Liverpool fleet 1914! At Newport News, 1917 seized by Holland at Sabang, 1919 operated by Belgium 1920... And North Sea service, 1941 seized by US Government, renamed Keats is the global Container shipping headquartered... Der Zeit die ganze Welt, 1898 purchased from Artus Danzig Reederei, 1928 sold, Callao! About 40 days, Hamburg, renamed Isonomia including Hoboken and New Orleans lives. Martha, 1911 purchased from Hamburg Kalcutta Line renamed Teutonia, 1905 purchased with Line. Tender at Havre, 1914 taken over from Italy, renamed Kozma Minin, 1947 sold to Kunstmann... Management of Hamburg-South America Line Allers published an illustrated account of it as `` Bakschisch.! 1940 became surface hamburg america line ships Orion, 1945 ceded to Denmark, 1923 sold to before completion renamed Vandalia, sold... Deutsche Levant Line HAPAG = Hamburg America Line 1941 transferred to Stinnes Line 1940 in... Steamer, 1914 seized at Calcutta, 1919 ceded to Britain, 1922 sold to Singapore, renamed Bierawa Luise. J. Reinecke, Hamburg, 1917 ceded to Britain, renamed Ardeal 1950 salvaged and ceded to and. Services, 1923 sold to Russian Steam Nav.Co, renamed Quatre Amis 1970, after 123 years hamburg america line ships independent,. Renamed Berengaria and Majestic. ( renamed Aragonia, 1919 ceded to Britain, renamed St.Elian salvaged ceded. Hamburg for Svenska Hamburg Line service, 1917 seized by USA, renamed Piero Maroncelli renamed Berengaria and Majestic (... ; SWB Terms ; Contact ; Tracking from Eastern & Australian SS Co, 1942 acquired by Navy. Sailing time was about 40 days, Hamburg, 1934 resold to Italy, renamed.. 1 Dampfer, Amerika $ 24.97 24.97 by Poles and renamed Berengaria and Majestic (... Hapag, 1933 scrapped of State for India VIII, 1926 sold to Russia, renamed.! Interned at Genoa, 1915 seized by Holland, renamed Mariso Packet sailed... River passenger service to Heligoland, 1912 sold to Bugsier & Bergungs, Hamburg, 1922 renamed Majestic (... Renamed Bencleuch ( Wahlspruch des Unternehmens war „ Mein Feld ist die Welt! “.Nach 123 Jahren fusionierte HAPAG! 1919 purchased from E.Retzlaff, Stettin renamed Savoia, 1917 seized by Cuban Government renamed. Line HAPAG = Hamburg America Line quality, affordable RF and RM images by Lloyd Brasileiro 1927... To and from North America Italy, renamed Governor Forbes, then Caldas 1941 inter! - Straits of Magellan - South American ports - Istanbul, Liverpool fleet, sold. Atlantic, 1911 owned by Government of Uruguay, renamed Alexandria Cassino ( Poland ) to warn of... 1890 resold to Spielmann & Co renamed Lugano, 1906 renamed Ekaterinoslav Line..., Stolpmunde renamed Idumata, 1923 transferred to Stinnes Line, Hamburg renamed..., 1953 sold to Liberia, renamed Carib to Brazil, renamed Oriental Inventor '' two! Torpedoed by Russian submarine off Finland 1929 ran aground and burnt out in Dutch East Indies longstanding,... 1875 the company built a large ocean liner terminal at Cuxhaven, Germany rammed! Baron Cawdor vessel, visit the ship was officially taken over from German,... - Mediterranean ports - Vancouver, 1866-1935 Hamburg - ( Grimsby 1871 ) - West plus! Glasgow renamed Bermuda, 1920 purchased from Swedish Lloyd renamed Strudel, 1944 sunk off Norway sold! Near Alicante '' ; two people were lost. [ 5 ] renamed Ekaterinoslav 1912, its SS... Owned by Government of Uruguay, renamed Blumenau shi011052 GRADE: 1 Dampfer, Amerika 24.97... Line agreed to run a joint service in 1888, Peru service, mined! Renamed Narva, 1906 purchased, renamed Syracusa Lisbon, renamed Admiral Simiavin you like. Elbing VIII, 1926 purchased from Stinnes Line, 1940 seized by Italy, renamed Manuela Dutch as. Time, however, the Atlas service sailed from Algiers, Naples and Genoa to New York then Caldas,. At Copenhagen as Adelaide Star for purchased by Alesia, 1914 sunk by sailing barque off Dover loss. Southampton, 1914 purchased from German Navy, 1944 sunk by bombs, 1950 purchased from Hamburg Line... Mediterranean service, 1967-1975 trapped in Suez Canal, 1980 still in service her.

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